When is ugly sweater day?

ugly sweater day is next on Saturday, December 21, 2024

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ugly sweater day

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Ugly Sweater Day is celebrated every December 18th. It’s one of the few holidays on which people trade in their fashionable hoodies and pullovers for the ugliest sweater they can find. Although ugly sweaters have been around for what seems like a lifetime, the ugly sweater craze took off during the 1980s. Celebrities like Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase kicked the trend into high gear by sporting hideous sweaters in popular movies and television shows. Ugly sweaters took a bit of a hiatus during the 1990s but came back with a vengeance at the turn of the 21st century. Now, ugly sweaters are a part of the holiday season, with millions of people showing off their unsightly apparel with pride.

How to Celebrate Ugly Sweater Day

All you need to do to celebrate Ugly Sweater Day is find the most unappealing sweater and show it off for the whole world to see. If you don’t have an ugly sweater, you can always visit your local thrift store or clothing outlet and find a slew of sweaters that will make fashion aficionados cower in horror. Make sure to show off your ugly sweater this December 18th and celebrate #UglySweaterDay.

How many days until ugly sweater day?

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Upcoming dates for ugly sweater day

When is ugly sweater day 2024?Saturday, December 21, 2024
When is ugly sweater day 2025?Sunday, December 21, 2025
When is ugly sweater day 2026?Monday, December 21, 2026
When is ugly sweater day 2027?Tuesday, December 21, 2027
When is ugly sweater day 2028?Thursday, December 21, 2028
When is ugly sweater day 2029?Friday, December 21, 2029
When is ugly sweater day 2030?Saturday, December 21, 2030
When is ugly sweater day 2031?Sunday, December 21, 2031
When is ugly sweater day 2032?Tuesday, December 21, 2032
When is ugly sweater day 2033?Wednesday, December 21, 2033
When is ugly sweater day 2034?Thursday, December 21, 2034