When is deviled eggs day?

deviled eggs day is next on Saturday, November 2, 2024

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deviled eggs day

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Deviled Eggs Day is celebrated on November 2 of every year. On this day, the egg does come first. In 1786, deviled eggs made their debut described as hard-boiled eggs with the yolk mixed with mayonnaise, mustard, and seasonings like paprika, garlic, and curry. This flavorful side dish even comes with a designer serving tray with egg-shaped holes for each egg.

A deviled egg by any other name is still a deviled egg. This simple and tasty morsel also goes by eggs mimosa, stuffed eggs, salad eggs, or even dressed eggs. No matter what you call them, it is up to you to go beyond the basic recipe and update this classic treat with your unique flavor combinations. Some classic twists to this old side dish include bacon and cheddar cheese, seafood, and sour cream and chives, or you can replace the center with chocolate or other sweet treats. You can even mix them with different foods like Caesar salad.

How to Celebrate Deviled Eggs Day

Gather your friends and family to celebrate this day and have an egg-citing time. Have each guest bring a different recipe for everyone to try this classic holiday hors-d’oeuvre. #DeviledEggsDay

How many days until deviled eggs day?

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Upcoming dates for deviled eggs day

When is deviled eggs day 2024?Saturday, November 2, 2024
When is deviled eggs day 2025?Sunday, November 2, 2025
When is deviled eggs day 2026?Monday, November 2, 2026
When is deviled eggs day 2027?Tuesday, November 2, 2027
When is deviled eggs day 2028?Thursday, November 2, 2028
When is deviled eggs day 2029?Friday, November 2, 2029
When is deviled eggs day 2030?Saturday, November 2, 2030
When is deviled eggs day 2031?Sunday, November 2, 2031
When is deviled eggs day 2032?Tuesday, November 2, 2032
When is deviled eggs day 2033?Wednesday, November 2, 2033
When is deviled eggs day 2034?Thursday, November 2, 2034