When is submarine day?

submarine day is next on Monday, March 17, 2025

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submarine day

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Submarine Day on April 11 honors a momentous occasion in American history. In 1896, Irish-American John Phillip Holland invented and launched The Holland VI submarine from Crescent Shipyard in Elizabeth, NJ. It became America's first commissioned modern submersible vessel, and by 1900, it was inducted into the U.S. Naval Service.

National Submarine Day celebrates America's naval heritage that dates back centuries. David Bushnell built America's first submarine, the Turtle, during the Revolutionary War. However, as the U.S. Navy did not exist yet, the first U.S. Navy submarine was not the Turtle but the USS Alligator, active during the American Civil War. The rest of the world celebrates Submarine Day on March 17 each year.

How to Celebrate Submarine Day

There are plenty of fun ways to celebrate this momentous day. Eat as many sub sandwiches as you can, for starters! If you have kids, why not download a submarine coloring sheet for them? You could also get some friends together and watch a classic submarine movie such as The Hunt for Red October, U-571, and Das Boot. Or, you could take a submarine tour if you live near a museum. Don't forget to share your photos with the hashtag #SubmarineDay

How many days until submarine day?

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Upcoming dates for submarine day

When is submarine day 2024?Sunday, March 17, 2024
When is submarine day 2025?Monday, March 17, 2025
When is submarine day 2026?Tuesday, March 17, 2026
When is submarine day 2027?Wednesday, March 17, 2027
When is submarine day 2028?Friday, March 17, 2028
When is submarine day 2029?Saturday, March 17, 2029
When is submarine day 2030?Sunday, March 17, 2030
When is submarine day 2031?Monday, March 17, 2031
When is submarine day 2032?Wednesday, March 17, 2032
When is submarine day 2033?Thursday, March 17, 2033
When is submarine day 2034?Friday, March 17, 2034