When is scavenger hunt day?

scavenger hunt day is next on Wednesday, May 24, 2023

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scavenger hunt day

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Scavenger Hunt Day is celebrated on May 24th each year, and it encourages people to get together with friends and family to participate in the popular party game - the scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt challenges teams to scavenge for a list of items, or perform tasks to fulfill the requirements of the hunt. At the end the hunt, a grand prize typically awaits the first person or team that reaches the end of the list.

Scavenger hunts were invented by author Elsa Maxwell in the early 1900’s, and have since become quite popular at parties and get-togethers. This is due to the fun nature of the game which often combines intellect, riddle solving, racing, and even negotiating in some cases.

How To Celebrate Scavenger Hunt Day

Practice your riddle making skills and create a scavenger hunt for family and friends. If you don’t have time for something grand, simply hide a box of chocolate coins in the back yard and make some riddle clues for your kids. They will be delighted upon finding the treasure! Try geocaching at a nearby location if you feel like taking a drive. #ScavengerHuntDay

How many days until scavenger hunt day?

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Upcoming dates for scavenger hunt day

When is scavenger hunt day 2023?Wednesday, May 24, 2023
When is scavenger hunt day 2024?Friday, May 24, 2024
When is scavenger hunt day 2025?Saturday, May 24, 2025
When is scavenger hunt day 2026?Sunday, May 24, 2026
When is scavenger hunt day 2027?Monday, May 24, 2027
When is scavenger hunt day 2028?Wednesday, May 24, 2028
When is scavenger hunt day 2029?Thursday, May 24, 2029
When is scavenger hunt day 2030?Friday, May 24, 2030
When is scavenger hunt day 2031?Saturday, May 24, 2031
When is scavenger hunt day 2032?Monday, May 24, 2032
When is scavenger hunt day 2033?Tuesday, May 24, 2033