When is awkward moments day?

awkward moments day is next on Tuesday, March 18, 2025

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awkward moments day

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Awkward Moments Day, observed every March 18, is the day to celebrate awkward experiences and embarrassing incidents that you’d usually try to forget. Whether they're embarrassing moments from your past or not-so-“awesome” experiences such as falling on stage during a presentation, this holiday gives us all a chance to embrace these awkward memories with laughter and recognition.

This day reminds us that sometimes, things just don’t seem to go right, and everyone has days when they want to run and hide. While the origins of this holiday are not clear, some people think it was created so that people take stock of the embarrassing (and perhaps inebriated) things they may have done while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the previous day, March 17.

How to Celebrate Awkward Moments Day

Share an embarrassing story with your friends and family on Awkward Moments Day. You'll all have a good laugh, but more importantly, you may find that it's not just YOU who has to experience these awkward moments in life! And, if you're brave enough, why not post about an awkward experience or moment in your life on social media? You never know; you could be helping someone else to get over their own embarrassment by sharing your story on #AwkwardMomentsDay.

How many days until awkward moments day?

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Upcoming dates for awkward moments day

When is awkward moments day 2024?Monday, March 18, 2024
When is awkward moments day 2025?Tuesday, March 18, 2025
When is awkward moments day 2026?Wednesday, March 18, 2026
When is awkward moments day 2027?Thursday, March 18, 2027
When is awkward moments day 2028?Saturday, March 18, 2028
When is awkward moments day 2029?Sunday, March 18, 2029
When is awkward moments day 2030?Monday, March 18, 2030
When is awkward moments day 2031?Tuesday, March 18, 2031
When is awkward moments day 2032?Thursday, March 18, 2032
When is awkward moments day 2033?Friday, March 18, 2033
When is awkward moments day 2034?Saturday, March 18, 2034