When is miniature golf day?

miniature golf day is next on Saturday, September 21, 2024

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miniature golf day

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Miniature Golf Day is celebrated on September 21st each year to enjoy the miniature version of golf. Also known as mini-golf or putt-putt, miniature golf is still played with a series of 9 or 18 holes. However, miniature golf courses are shorter and often include obstacles to add to the game’s difficulty. Most miniature golf courses consist of artificial turf or concrete.

Though the origins of the day are not completely known, it is believed that miniature golf was invented in 1867 to allow women to golf. During those days, women in Victorian Scotland weren’t allowed to raise golf clubs above their heads, restricting them from playing golf. Determined to let women enjoy golf, the Ladies Putting Club of St. Andrews decided to create a smaller version of the game. By the 1930s, miniature golf’s popularity had skyrocketed. Today, miniature golf is played all over the world by men, women, and children.

How To Celebrate Miniature Golf Day

Call up your friends and family and visit your local mini-golf spot for a few rounds. Spice things up by creating a competition. If possible, create a course in your yard, house, or public park and enjoy miniature golf all year long. Putt away and share your experience online using #MiniatureGolfDay

How many days until miniature golf day?

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Upcoming dates for miniature golf day

When is miniature golf day 2024?Saturday, September 21, 2024
When is miniature golf day 2025?Sunday, September 21, 2025
When is miniature golf day 2026?Monday, September 21, 2026
When is miniature golf day 2027?Tuesday, September 21, 2027
When is miniature golf day 2028?Thursday, September 21, 2028
When is miniature golf day 2029?Friday, September 21, 2029
When is miniature golf day 2030?Saturday, September 21, 2030
When is miniature golf day 2031?Sunday, September 21, 2031
When is miniature golf day 2032?Tuesday, September 21, 2032
When is miniature golf day 2033?Wednesday, September 21, 2033
When is miniature golf day 2034?Thursday, September 21, 2034