When is fruitcake toss day?

fruitcake toss day is next on Friday, January 3, 2025

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fruitcake toss day

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Fruitcake Toss Day is celebrated annually on the 3rd of January. Though holidays are often fun, they can also be stressful, making even the calmest person want to throw something in anger. Fortunately, Fruitcake Toss Day exists to allow you to do just that. On the day, you can collect all that fruitcake you got during the holidays and toss it as far as you can.

Though there isn’t ample evidence to back this up, many people believe that the holiday was created and first celebrated in Manitou Springs, Colorado, on January 3, 1996. Every year since then has seen people compete to try and see who can toss or hurl their fruitcakes the farthest.

How To Celebrate Fruitcake Toss Day

There are various ways you can celebrate Fruitcake Toss Day. For starters, you could collect all the fruitcakes you can find, look for a space, and begin tossing them. Alternatively, if you are feeling a bit competitive, you could enter into one of the competitions and try to see if you can throw your fruitcake the farthest. If you are not crazy about wasting the cakes, you could choose to re-gift the fruitcakes you got, sharing them with your friends and colleagues. Share in the mindless fun and let off some holiday steam during this year’s #FruitcakeTossDay.

How many days until fruitcake toss day?

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Upcoming dates for fruitcake toss day

When is fruitcake toss day 2024?Wednesday, January 3, 2024
When is fruitcake toss day 2025?Friday, January 3, 2025
When is fruitcake toss day 2026?Saturday, January 3, 2026
When is fruitcake toss day 2027?Sunday, January 3, 2027
When is fruitcake toss day 2028?Monday, January 3, 2028
When is fruitcake toss day 2029?Wednesday, January 3, 2029
When is fruitcake toss day 2030?Thursday, January 3, 2030
When is fruitcake toss day 2031?Friday, January 3, 2031
When is fruitcake toss day 2032?Saturday, January 3, 2032
When is fruitcake toss day 2033?Monday, January 3, 2033
When is fruitcake toss day 2034?Tuesday, January 3, 2034