When is world kissing day?

world kissing day is next on Saturday, July 6, 2024

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world kissing day

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World Kissing Day is celebrated on July 6 every year to recognize the value of kissing and the part it plays in society. The day reminds people to enjoy kissing their lovers, family, friends, and even pets. Kissing is ageless, and it is one of the most recognized gestures in the world. While it’s often associated with romantic feelings, there are many different types of kissing. In many cultures, kissing can be a sign of friendship, greeting, or respect.

In some cultures, people kiss on the cheek as a greeting, while in other cultures, kissing shows intimacy and is reserved only for lovers. Young children frequently get kisses from their parents and grandparents. Overall, kissing plays a critical role in social bonding, and World Kissing Day celebrates that. Did you know that humans have a total of 42 facial muscles, and kissing involves using 34 of them?

How to Celebrate World Kissing Day

Pucker up and give your partner a smooch, or you can just give your friends and family a quick peck on the cheek. Either way, a kiss reminds someone special that you care. Spread the love and enjoy #WorldKissingDay

How many days until world kissing day?

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Upcoming dates for world kissing day

When is world kissing day 2024?Saturday, July 6, 2024
When is world kissing day 2025?Sunday, July 6, 2025
When is world kissing day 2026?Monday, July 6, 2026
When is world kissing day 2027?Tuesday, July 6, 2027
When is world kissing day 2028?Thursday, July 6, 2028
When is world kissing day 2029?Friday, July 6, 2029
When is world kissing day 2030?Saturday, July 6, 2030
When is world kissing day 2031?Sunday, July 6, 2031
When is world kissing day 2032?Tuesday, July 6, 2032
When is world kissing day 2033?Wednesday, July 6, 2033
When is world kissing day 2034?Thursday, July 6, 2034