When is kid inventors day?

kid inventors day is next on Friday, January 17, 2025

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kid inventors day

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Kid Inventors Day is celebrated on January 17th each year. The founders of Kid Inventors Day did not choose this date at random—it's Benjamin Franklin's birthday. Aside from being one of the United States’ founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin was an avid inventor that began inventing in his childhood. He had a creative streak that led to numerous inventions, including swimming flippers, despite leaving school at ten.

Kid Inventors Day is a day for celebrating the ingenuity associated with kid inventors around the world. It provides the opportunity for children to learn more about famous inventors and develop their own ideas for future products. Many life-changing products from around the world started in the mind of a child.

How to Celebrate Kid Inventors Day

If you have a family and want to celebrate Kid Inventors Day, one of the best ways to enjoy the day is to encourage your children to come up with their own inventions. By sparking their imaginations and allowing them to be creative, you may give them the opportunity to enjoy the process of inventing. Learning about other successful inventors is also a useful activity that can inspire kids in your family to want to change the world—or invent your own way to celebrate #KidInventorsDay

How many days until kid inventors day?

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Upcoming dates for kid inventors day

When is kid inventors day 2024?Wednesday, January 17, 2024
When is kid inventors day 2025?Friday, January 17, 2025
When is kid inventors day 2026?Saturday, January 17, 2026
When is kid inventors day 2027?Sunday, January 17, 2027
When is kid inventors day 2028?Monday, January 17, 2028
When is kid inventors day 2029?Wednesday, January 17, 2029
When is kid inventors day 2030?Thursday, January 17, 2030
When is kid inventors day 2031?Friday, January 17, 2031
When is kid inventors day 2032?Saturday, January 17, 2032
When is kid inventors day 2033?Monday, January 17, 2033
When is kid inventors day 2034?Tuesday, January 17, 2034