When is watermelon day?

watermelon day is next on Saturday, August 3, 2024

Always know when is watermelon day. Figure out how many days till watermelon day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
watermelon day

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Watermelon Day is celebrated on August 3 each year. On this unofficial holiday for one of the world’s healthiest and most flavorful summer treats, thousands of Americans make watermelon ice cream, sorbets, or just eat it plain to commemorate the large green fruit while beating the oppressive August temperatures.

Watermelons, one of the most versatile fruits, are perfect for serving on any occasion, from weddings and black-tie affairs to casual summer picnics with your loved ones. Watermelon is about 92% water, and enjoying one on a hot summer day reduces your risk of dehydration and overheating.

Botanists and historians trace the watermelon’s origins back to South Africa. Desert-dwelling tribes have been cultivating it for centuries, using the fleshy center and thick rind for local dishes.

How to Celebrate Watermelon Day

Because Watermelon Day falls in the middle of summer, carnival and fair organizers usually incorporate it into their games and programs. You can:

· Organize a watermelon seed-spitting contest
· Cook, bake, or freeze watermelon dishes to share with loved ones
· Create new watermelon-infused drinks to serve at your home bar

If you want to learn something new, study how to grow and harvest your watermelons so you can celebrate #WatermelonDay next year with homegrown produce.

How many days until watermelon day?

If you want to know how many more days, then here is your countdown to watermelon day

Upcoming dates for watermelon day

When is watermelon day 2024?Saturday, August 3, 2024
When is watermelon day 2025?Sunday, August 3, 2025
When is watermelon day 2026?Monday, August 3, 2026
When is watermelon day 2027?Tuesday, August 3, 2027
When is watermelon day 2028?Thursday, August 3, 2028
When is watermelon day 2029?Friday, August 3, 2029
When is watermelon day 2030?Saturday, August 3, 2030
When is watermelon day 2031?Sunday, August 3, 2031
When is watermelon day 2032?Tuesday, August 3, 2032
When is watermelon day 2033?Wednesday, August 3, 2033
When is watermelon day 2034?Thursday, August 3, 2034