Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I print a calendar?

Click on the image to open in a new browser tab. Use your browser's print functionality, adjust your settings and print as needed. When printing, pay attention to layout, margins, and scale. Try to maximize space by minimizing margins, expanding scale, and ensure 'Header and Footer' option is unchecked.

2. Is the information accurate?

Yes. We comprise of a team of dedicated developers and designers and strive to make sure that the information we present is up-to-date, and the website functioning as it should. Having said that, we are human and errors can always happen. If you spot one, please let us know. Please see our disclaimer on this.

3. Can I change timezone, date and time format?

It depends. Pages that automatically display time calculations are based on Central Standard Time (US and Canada). Pages that detect your IP, or ask you to select a city make calculations based on the selected city's timezone. All date formats are based on the United States date format month/day/year.

4. Can I place an order for some calendars?

We pride ourselves in not selling anything. Everything on our site is free. Additionally, we do not have the facilities to make professional prints.

5. Can I request a new style of calendar?

Absolutley! If our custom calendar builder is not cutting it, then please feel free to contact us. If it's productivity or calendar related, we may be able to help design and build something that will benefit all our visitors.

6. Can I use your calendars for my school project/YouTube video?

Yes! Please enjoy our calendars. Our T.O.S outlines how you can use our products.