When is card playing day?

card playing day is next on Saturday, December 28, 2024

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card playing day

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Card Playing Day is celebrated every year on the 28th of December. The enjoyable pastime of playing cards can be traced to the 9th century, when the Chinese began developing the game using various paper objects. It wasn’t until a few centuries later that sturdier playing cards emerged. The game continued to spread worldwide until the first modern playing cards emerged during Europe’s Early Renaissance.

These decks were divided into four suits of sticks or batons, coins, cups, and swords. In fact, these four suits are what developed into the modern suits that we use to play cards today. While many theories suggest how the four suits became diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades, one suggests that these four suits represented the classes of the era: military, clergy, aristocracy, and peasantry.

How To Celebrate Card Playing Day

If you would like to celebrate Card Playing Day this year, you can do so in various ways. Some organize a card tournament, while others get a few friends together to try out a new card game. You could also teach someone how to play your favorite card game or invent a new one. Enjoy the camaraderie formed when hanging out with friends and family during this year’s #CardPlayingDay.

How many days until card playing day?

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Upcoming dates for card playing day

When is card playing day 2024?Saturday, December 28, 2024
When is card playing day 2025?Sunday, December 28, 2025
When is card playing day 2026?Monday, December 28, 2026
When is card playing day 2027?Tuesday, December 28, 2027
When is card playing day 2028?Thursday, December 28, 2028
When is card playing day 2029?Friday, December 28, 2029
When is card playing day 2030?Saturday, December 28, 2030
When is card playing day 2031?Sunday, December 28, 2031
When is card playing day 2032?Tuesday, December 28, 2032
When is card playing day 2033?Wednesday, December 28, 2033
When is card playing day 2034?Thursday, December 28, 2034