When is carrot cake day?

carrot cake day is next on Monday, February 3, 2025

Always know when is carrot cake day. Figure out how many days till carrot cake day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
carrot cake day

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Carrot Cake Day is celebrated on February 3rd each year in honor of one of our favorite desserts – the carrot cake. Many historians believe that the cake originated in the middle ages when sugar was expensive or scarce. While nobody knows who created the day, the earliest known carrot cake recipe can be found in a French cookbook published in 1827.

The carrot cake evolved out of carrot pudding, which was a medieval favorite. During World War II, the British government needed to ration food and luxury items to their people. Since sugar was hard to come by, the British authorities encouraged people to try different recipes that substituted sugar with carrots. The carrot cake experienced a surge in popularity. The United States also has some history with the carrot cake. Several documents state that President George Washington would occasionally head to Lower Manhattan for some carrot cake.

How to Celebrate Carrot Cake Day

Visit your local bakery and order a whole carrot cake or just a slice. If you’re skilled in the kitchen, this is the day to impress your co-workers or family with your baking skills. Mix things up and try different recipes, and don’t forget to share your creation on #CarrotCakeDay

How many days until carrot cake day?

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Upcoming dates for carrot cake day

When is carrot cake day 2024?Saturday, February 3, 2024
When is carrot cake day 2025?Monday, February 3, 2025
When is carrot cake day 2026?Tuesday, February 3, 2026
When is carrot cake day 2027?Wednesday, February 3, 2027
When is carrot cake day 2028?Thursday, February 3, 2028
When is carrot cake day 2029?Saturday, February 3, 2029
When is carrot cake day 2030?Sunday, February 3, 2030
When is carrot cake day 2031?Monday, February 3, 2031
When is carrot cake day 2032?Tuesday, February 3, 2032
When is carrot cake day 2033?Thursday, February 3, 2033
When is carrot cake day 2034?Friday, February 3, 2034