When is be an angel day?

be an angel day is next on Thursday, August 22, 2024

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be an angel day

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Be An Angel Day is celebrated on August 22 each year to encourage people to help those in need. Jaune Howard Feldman created the day in 1993 in the spirit of philanthropy and spreading kindness throughout the world. Since then, Be An Angel Day has grown in popularity, helped along as awareness spread through social media.

In many cultures, angels represent protection, kindness, and help. The day encourages people to emulate the compassion of angels by being helpful to those less fortunate, especially strangers. This commitment to helping others leads to a kinder and gentler world when people remember to put the needs of others before theirs.

How to Celebrate Be An Angel Day

Be An Angel Day is about putting others before yourself. Take the opportunity to show unexpected kindness to a neighbor, friend, or stranger by offering to do something for them without expecting payment. Write an encouraging letter to loved ones or help out a time-starved parent by offering to babysit their kids. Or, you can opt to surprise strangers by purchasing food or new clothes for the homeless. Whatever you choose to do on this day, make it about helping someone else and capture the true spirit of #BeAnAngelDay

How many days until be an angel day?

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Upcoming dates for be an angel day

When is be an angel day 2024?Thursday, August 22, 2024
When is be an angel day 2025?Friday, August 22, 2025
When is be an angel day 2026?Saturday, August 22, 2026
When is be an angel day 2027?Sunday, August 22, 2027
When is be an angel day 2028?Tuesday, August 22, 2028
When is be an angel day 2029?Wednesday, August 22, 2029
When is be an angel day 2030?Thursday, August 22, 2030
When is be an angel day 2031?Friday, August 22, 2031
When is be an angel day 2032?Sunday, August 22, 2032
When is be an angel day 2033?Monday, August 22, 2033
When is be an angel day 2034?Tuesday, August 22, 2034