When is national acadian day?

national acadian day is next on Thursday, August 15, 2024

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national acadian day

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National Acadian Day is August 15th for Canadian citizens. This holiday remembers and honours members of Acadian culture and their forced departure from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia during the 1700s. This departure was due to the British Royal Family removing these people due to the French and Indian War complications and sending them to the then thirteen colonies. From there, they made their way south to the Louisiana territory, where their cultural heritage remains to this day.

The first National Acadian Day began in 1881 to honour the Acadian men and women removed from their homeland due to their cultural connection to France. However, it was not until 2003 that the British Royal Family acknowledged National Acadian Day. Through a division of the Canadian government known as the Department of Communities, Culture, and Heritage, government officials work to ensure Canadian citizens never forget the suffering of the Acadian people.

How to Celebrate National Acadian Day

Celebrating National Acadian Day means embracing the cultural heritage of the French colonialists who founded the original region of Acadia. Canadian citizens do this by attending outdoor festivals, concerts, and art shows while indulging in traditional Acadian cuisine. However you choose to celebrate it, enjoy the tradition of #NationalAcadianDay.

How many days until national acadian day?

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Upcoming dates for national acadian day

When is national acadian day 2024?Thursday, August 15, 2024
When is national acadian day 2025?Friday, August 15, 2025
When is national acadian day 2026?Saturday, August 15, 2026
When is national acadian day 2027?Sunday, August 15, 2027
When is national acadian day 2028?Tuesday, August 15, 2028
When is national acadian day 2029?Wednesday, August 15, 2029
When is national acadian day 2030?Thursday, August 15, 2030
When is national acadian day 2031?Friday, August 15, 2031
When is national acadian day 2032?Sunday, August 15, 2032
When is national acadian day 2033?Monday, August 15, 2033
When is national acadian day 2034?Tuesday, August 15, 2034