When is child day?

child day is next on Wednesday, November 20, 2024

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child day

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Child Day is celebrated each year on November 20th. The Canadian holiday commemorates the role of children in Canada’s society, reminding everyone that young people have rights. It is an unofficial holiday that recognizes the agreement that Canada signed in 1959 with the United Nations.

The Rights of the Child declaration is central to this day of recognition, as an agreement between many members of the United Nations that every child has certain inalienable rights. The holiday celebration often sparks an opportunity to sign some legislation into existence that focuses on protecting children or advancing their ability to grow up in a safe and loving environment.

Many celebrations mark this holiday in schools and community organizations. For example, Children First Canada typically plans a week of events leading up to Child Day.

How to Celebrate Child Day

You can celebrate Child Day by becoming a voice for the children in your life and helping others who may be struggling. Dedicated advocates for children’s rights and welfare touch many lives and promote a stronger society for tomorrow. Why not educate yourself about the children in Canada living in poverty and learn what you can do to help on #ChildDay (and every day after it).

How many days until child day?

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Upcoming dates for child day

When is child day 2024?Wednesday, November 20, 2024
When is child day 2025?Thursday, November 20, 2025
When is child day 2026?Friday, November 20, 2026
When is child day 2027?Saturday, November 20, 2027
When is child day 2028?Monday, November 20, 2028
When is child day 2029?Tuesday, November 20, 2029
When is child day 2030?Wednesday, November 20, 2030
When is child day 2031?Thursday, November 20, 2031
When is child day 2032?Saturday, November 20, 2032
When is child day 2033?Sunday, November 20, 2033
When is child day 2034?Monday, November 20, 2034