When is womens history month?

womens history month is next on Tuesday, October 1, 2024

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womens history month

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Women’s History Month is celebrated annually throughout October. This period is set aside to give Canadians an opportunity to celebrate the amazing women in the country’s history. The Canadian Government designated October as Women’s History Month in 1992 after a successful lobbying campaign started by Lyn Gough, a historian and author of a book that highlights the pioneers in the Women’s Temperance Movement. The campaign was led by Gough herself, alongside Kathy Blasco and Katherine (Kay) Armstrong, and included other women like Avis Rasmussen, Catherine Draper, and Sylvia Bagshaw.

How to Celebrate Women’s History Month

There are various ways to celebrate Women’s History Month, and seeing that the holiday runs throughout October, there is no shortage of time. You could read about the notable women in the country’s history, learning about their contributions to fields such as literature. Some organize special events or attend a showing of historical films. Alternatively, you can ensure that these amazing women are not forgotten by sharing what you learn about them with friends and family or creating a video about the Canadian woman you admire most and posting it on YouTube. Others create exhibits about historical contributions made by Canadian women, sharing them on social media using the hashtag #WomensHistoryMonth.

How many days until womens history month?

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Upcoming dates for womens history month

When is womens history month 2024?Tuesday, October 1, 2024
When is womens history month 2025?Wednesday, October 1, 2025
When is womens history month 2026?Thursday, October 1, 2026
When is womens history month 2027?Friday, October 1, 2027
When is womens history month 2028?Sunday, October 1, 2028
When is womens history month 2029?Monday, October 1, 2029
When is womens history month 2030?Tuesday, October 1, 2030
When is womens history month 2031?Wednesday, October 1, 2031
When is womens history month 2032?Friday, October 1, 2032
When is womens history month 2033?Saturday, October 1, 2033
When is womens history month 2034?Sunday, October 1, 2034