When is national mining week?

national mining week is next on Monday, May 12, 2025

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national mining week

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National Mining Week occurs annually during the second week of May. It gives the people of Canada time to ponder the importance of mining and the contributions the industry has made to our daily lives. While this week was officially declared about 21 years ago, mining has been an integral part of the Canadian economy since long before that.

Consider one of the most admirable aspects of the Canadian mining industry—it continually adapts to the times. The Canadian minerals industry has not only been a supporter of climate change prevention but has also been a huge employer and advocate of Indigenous people and their communities. Mining has driven Canada’s economy and provided jobs and economic advancement in over 100 countries around the world.

How To Celebrate National Mining Week

In more recent years, the focus of National Mining Week has been to highlight the innovations and discoveries made by the mining industry. It seeks to showcase the ideas and methods used to advance the industry while developing sustainable and environmentally sound practices. If you want to celebrate National Mining Week, look for events and presentations at your local university. You can also help to spread the word by using #NationalMiningWeek.

How many days until national mining week?

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Upcoming dates for national mining week

When is national mining week 2024?Monday, May 13, 2024
When is national mining week 2025?Monday, May 12, 2025
When is national mining week 2026?Monday, May 11, 2026
When is national mining week 2027?Monday, May 10, 2027
When is national mining week 2028?Monday, May 8, 2028
When is national mining week 2029?Monday, May 14, 2029
When is national mining week 2030?Monday, May 13, 2030
When is national mining week 2031?Monday, May 12, 2031
When is national mining week 2032?Monday, May 10, 2032
When is national mining week 2033?Monday, May 9, 2033
When is national mining week 2034?Monday, May 8, 2034