When is boxing day?

boxing day is next on Thursday, December 26, 2024

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boxing day

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Boxing Day is celebrated every year on December 26th. It is a holiday with British origins, celebrated in eight out of the ten provinces in Canada. The provinces that do celebrate suspend banking serve and mail delivery as an official public holiday on Boxing Day. Today, Boxing Day is all about shopping, with about 32% of Canadians spending Boxing Day in some form of well-deserved retail therapy.

There are two theories as to the origin of the holiday, but both carry an official first mention in 1833. The first theory is that the Church of England started the holiday because December 26th is also St. Stephen's Day. The church would traditionally open the alms boxes and distribute the contents to the poor on that day.

The other theory is that generous noblemen would distribute boxes of gifts to their servants the day after Christmas. Today, the generosity of spirit continues on Boxing Day, and family and friends the world over gather for a meal made up of Christmas Dinner leftovers. It also gives family and friends one more holiday to enjoy each others’ company before ushering in the new year.

How To Celebrate Boxing Day

Anyone can celebrate Boxing Day by inviting friends and family over, especially if you were unable to meet on Christmas Day. Many people use the time to go shopping together and find great deals. Most of the attractions, shops, and entertainment locations stay open to accommodate visitors and keep up with the popular professional sports celebrations on #BoxingDay.

How many days until boxing day?

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Upcoming dates for boxing day

When is boxing day 2024?Thursday, December 26, 2024
When is boxing day 2025?Friday, December 26, 2025
When is boxing day 2026?Saturday, December 26, 2026
When is boxing day 2027?Sunday, December 26, 2027
When is boxing day 2028?Tuesday, December 26, 2028
When is boxing day 2029?Wednesday, December 26, 2029
When is boxing day 2030?Thursday, December 26, 2030
When is boxing day 2031?Friday, December 26, 2031
When is boxing day 2032?Sunday, December 26, 2032
When is boxing day 2033?Monday, December 26, 2033
When is boxing day 2034?Tuesday, December 26, 2034