When is purple day?

purple day is next on Wednesday, March 26, 2025

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purple day

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Purple Day is celebrated annually on March 26 to increase awareness and show support to people with epilepsy around the world. Men and women around Canada and the world wear purple, organize events, and host parades to spread the word about the disorder that impacts the central nervous system and, sadly, affects one in 100 Canadians.

Cassidy Megan, together with the Epilepsy Association of The Maritimes, founded Purple Day in 2008, years after her own struggle with the seizure disorder. The day captured global attention, and since then, it has been celebrated as an international event.

Today, Purple Day is sponsored by hundreds of companies and brands worldwide and supported by millions of people.

How to Celebrate Purple Day

We all know someone who is struggling with epilepsy. Whether it is a family member, a colleague, a friend of a friend, or the mailman at the local post office, on this day, it is essential to show love and care. All you need to do is wear a purple t-shirt, scarf, or hat, and the people around you will get the message.

You can also host a Purple Day in your neighbourhood and invite all your friends and neighbours to join. For more creative ideas, visit the social media platforms and join organizations or events that raise funds for people with epilepsy. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PurpleDay.

How many days until purple day?

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Upcoming dates for purple day

When is purple day 2024?Tuesday, March 26, 2024
When is purple day 2025?Wednesday, March 26, 2025
When is purple day 2026?Thursday, March 26, 2026
When is purple day 2027?Friday, March 26, 2027
When is purple day 2028?Sunday, March 26, 2028
When is purple day 2029?Monday, March 26, 2029
When is purple day 2030?Tuesday, March 26, 2030
When is purple day 2031?Wednesday, March 26, 2031
When is purple day 2032?Friday, March 26, 2032
When is purple day 2033?Saturday, March 26, 2033
When is purple day 2034?Sunday, March 26, 2034