When is raoul wallenberg day?

raoul wallenberg day is next on Friday, January 17, 2025

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raoul wallenberg day

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Raoul Wallenberg Day is celebrated every year on October 5 to commemorate the first honorary citizen of Canada, responsible for saving the lives of more than 100,000 Hungarian Jews. Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat, and people still remember his selfless act and heroism today.

Before he arrived in Budapest, more than 400,000 Jews had been deported to Auschwitz, the cruellest and fastest mass assassination of the Nazi genocide. In 1944, during a period of six months in Budapest, Wallenberg rescued tens of thousands of Jews, showing that one person can confront hatred and make a difference. In the process of transforming history and saving so many innocent lives, Wallenberg has managed to set the founding principles of humanitarian law and human rights.

How to Celebrate Raoul Wallenberg Day

One of the best ways to celebrate Raoul Wallenberg Day is to educate yourself, your children, and your friends about the life and work of this noble man.

You can also watch “The Crossing,” which is one of the movies that share the story of how two young children helped Jews escape one of the Nazi’s camps and reunite with their families. Find a film, documentary, or book to learn more about the Holocaust and celebrate #RaoulWallenberg.

How many days until raoul wallenberg day?

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Upcoming dates for raoul wallenberg day

When is raoul wallenberg day 2024?Wednesday, January 17, 2024
When is raoul wallenberg day 2025?Friday, January 17, 2025
When is raoul wallenberg day 2026?Saturday, January 17, 2026
When is raoul wallenberg day 2027?Sunday, January 17, 2027
When is raoul wallenberg day 2028?Monday, January 17, 2028
When is raoul wallenberg day 2029?Wednesday, January 17, 2029
When is raoul wallenberg day 2030?Thursday, January 17, 2030
When is raoul wallenberg day 2031?Friday, January 17, 2031
When is raoul wallenberg day 2032?Saturday, January 17, 2032
When is raoul wallenberg day 2033?Monday, January 17, 2033
When is raoul wallenberg day 2034?Tuesday, January 17, 2034