When is victoria day?

victoria day is next on Monday, May 19, 2025

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victoria day

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Victoria Day is a Canadian federal holiday celebrated on the Monday before May 25th each year. This day represents the oldest non-religious holiday in Canada—May 24, 1845, the birthday of Queen Victoria. After her death, this day became recognised as a holiday. Before becoming Victoria Day, it was called Empire Day and observed across the British Empire. In modern times, Canada remains the only country left that celebrates it.

So, why does Queen Victoria get her own special day? For one, she had one of the longest reigns of any British monarch. Her reign lasted over 63 years! Funny enough, Queen Victoria herself never actually visited Canada. However, her father lived in Canada for about 10 years.

How To Celebrate Victoria Day?

Because Victoria Day is a federal holiday in many parts of Canada, Canadians enjoy no work or school. Therefore, people take time to enjoy the long weekend that marks the beginning of summer. Throughout Canada, fireworks displays and parades are held, most notably in the city of Victoria, named after the queen herself. When having fun with family or friends on Victoria Day, don’t forget to snap a picture and share it with #VictoriaDay!

How many days until victoria day?

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Upcoming dates for victoria day

When is victoria day 2024?Monday, May 20, 2024
When is victoria day 2025?Monday, May 19, 2025
When is victoria day 2026?Monday, May 18, 2026
When is victoria day 2027?Monday, May 24, 2027
When is victoria day 2028?Monday, May 22, 2028
When is victoria day 2029?Monday, May 21, 2029
When is victoria day 2030?Monday, May 20, 2030
When is victoria day 2031?Monday, May 19, 2031
When is victoria day 2032?Monday, May 24, 2032
When is victoria day 2033?Monday, May 23, 2033
When is victoria day 2034?Monday, May 22, 2034