When is canada history week?

canada history week is next on Monday, November 18, 2024

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canada history week

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Canada History Week is an observance that takes place each year in November. It was originally celebrated in July, but was moved to November starting in 2016. This week serves as an opportunity for Canadian citizens to learn more about the people, places, and events that shaped the country they know today. Each year sees a different theme to the week's events that focus on various aspects of Canada's rich history. Canadians love the opportunity to learn more about their country during this time.

Since 2014, Canada History Week has focused on different people, events, and the conservation of this great nation. These different focuses ranged from great Canadian sportsmen and women in 2015, commemorating the women achieving the right to vote in 2016, human rights challenges in 2017, science and innovation in 2018, and working for the future in 2019. All of these events spotlight the great Canadians of past, present, and future.

How to Celebrate Canada History Week

There are many different ways to celebrate Canada History Week. Many citizens attend national historic sites, visit national museums, perform research on Canadian historical topics, or speak to local historians about Canadian heritage in their area. Another popular activity during this week is to watch the popular Canadian program Heritage Minutes that depicts significant moments in Canadian history. Regardless of how you celebrate, it is a fun and educational time for all during #CanadaHistoryWeek.

How many days until canada history week?

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Upcoming dates for canada history week

When is canada history week 2024?Monday, November 18, 2024
When is canada history week 2025?Monday, November 17, 2025
When is canada history week 2026?Monday, November 23, 2026
When is canada history week 2027?Monday, November 22, 2027
When is canada history week 2028?Monday, November 20, 2028
When is canada history week 2029?Monday, November 19, 2029
When is canada history week 2030?Monday, November 18, 2030
When is canada history week 2031?Monday, November 17, 2031
When is canada history week 2032?Monday, November 22, 2032
When is canada history week 2033?Monday, November 21, 2033
When is canada history week 2034?Monday, November 20, 2034