When is national aboriginal day?

national aboriginal day is next on Saturday, June 21, 2025

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national aboriginal day

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National Aboriginal Day is the Canadian holiday celebrated every June 21. This holiday recognizes and honours Canada’s First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people. The Canadian government chose the summer solstice as its national day of celebration to commemorate these indigenous people’s unique cultures, diverse heritage, and exceptional contributions. Their influence on the historical rise of Canada is an essential aspect of our national history.

The National Aboriginal Day holiday (now known as National Indigenous Peoples Day) began in 1996 under the declaration of Governor-General of Canada Romeo LeBlanc. The push for this national holiday was due to increased pressure from indigenous civil rights groups to honour Canada’s First Nation citizens. Their victory led to this day that acknowledges, remembers, and celebrates the indigenous people contributing to Canada’s rise as an independent nation.

How to Celebrate National Aboriginal Day

Communities across Canada celebrate National Aboriginal Day by participating in festivals that recognize these First Nation groups through music, dance, traditional foods, native art, and indigenous games. The Canadian government also offers resources and funding for National Aboriginal Day celebrations to help communities celebrate this holiday. For their dedication and commitment to making Canada a great nation, let’s all recognize and enjoy #NationalAboriginalDay.

How many days until national aboriginal day?

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Upcoming dates for national aboriginal day

When is national aboriginal day 2024?Friday, June 21, 2024
When is national aboriginal day 2025?Saturday, June 21, 2025
When is national aboriginal day 2026?Sunday, June 21, 2026
When is national aboriginal day 2027?Monday, June 21, 2027
When is national aboriginal day 2028?Wednesday, June 21, 2028
When is national aboriginal day 2029?Thursday, June 21, 2029
When is national aboriginal day 2030?Friday, June 21, 2030
When is national aboriginal day 2031?Saturday, June 21, 2031
When is national aboriginal day 2032?Monday, June 21, 2032
When is national aboriginal day 2033?Tuesday, June 21, 2033
When is national aboriginal day 2034?Wednesday, June 21, 2034