When is national wildlife week?

national wildlife week is next on Thursday, April 10, 2025

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national wildlife week

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National Wildlife Week, created by the National Wildlife Federation, is usually celebrated in March or April each year. The goal of this special week aims to inspire young conservationists, promote awareness of North America’s endangered wildlife and at-risk habitats, and also educate communities about climate change and other environmental threats. During this week, teachers encourage students to research North America’s different animals, how to protect them, and how to preserve their homes.

The National Wildlife Federation has supported National Wildlife Week since 1938. It has been one of their longest-running campaigns to date. Famous actors, politicians, and writers have donated to this important global cause. In 1959, the National Wildlife Federation even created its own mascot, Ranger Rick, to help promote its efforts at awareness and conservation.

How To Celebrate National Wildlife Week

If you are looking for interesting ways to observe this special week, the National Wildlife Federation has tons of resources on its website. Students can brainstorm ways to protect these animals and their homes and present their findings to their class. If you want to contribute to National Wildlife Week, you can write letters to your local government officials and urge them to take action! You can also share information on social media by using #NationalWildlifeWeek!

How many days until national wildlife week?

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Upcoming dates for national wildlife week

When is national wildlife week 2024?Wednesday, April 10, 2024
When is national wildlife week 2025?Thursday, April 10, 2025
When is national wildlife week 2026?Friday, April 10, 2026
When is national wildlife week 2027?Saturday, April 10, 2027
When is national wildlife week 2028?Monday, April 10, 2028
When is national wildlife week 2029?Tuesday, April 10, 2029
When is national wildlife week 2030?Wednesday, April 10, 2030
When is national wildlife week 2031?Thursday, April 10, 2031
When is national wildlife week 2032?Saturday, April 10, 2032
When is national wildlife week 2033?Sunday, April 10, 2033
When is national wildlife week 2034?Monday, April 10, 2034