When is korean war veterans day?

korean war veterans day is next on Saturday, July 27, 2024

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korean war veterans day

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Korean War Veterans Day takes place every July 27. Often acknowledged as “The Forgotten War,” Canadians and Americans lost their lives fighting in the Korean War. This solace day of remembrance is to honour those brave men and women who fought to preserve democracy and repel communism throughout the world. This long and bloody war took many lives from both sides, which ended in a proverbial stalemate that saw western forces retreat from the Korean peninsula.

The war began in 1950 when North Korean forces descended across the 38th parallel with tanks and soldiers into South Korea. This conflict saw a coalition of United Nations forces push the North Korean army back over the 38th parallel, almost all of the way to the Chinese border. However, the Chinese military entered the fighting, helping the North Korean army repel the United Nations forces and sending them into South Korea. Then, a bloody stalemate lasted nearly two years. Finally, in 1953 negotiations between these nations saw the war end, with significant casualties on both sides.

How to Celebrate Korean War Veterans Day

Most people celebrate this day of remembrance by attending a memorial site, visiting the grave of a relative lost during the war, or researching historical facts about the conflict. Unfortunately, we can never get back the lives lost, but we can remember them, which is why we have #KoreanWarVeteransDay.

How many days until korean war veterans day?

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Upcoming dates for korean war veterans day

When is korean war veterans day 2024?Saturday, July 27, 2024
When is korean war veterans day 2025?Sunday, July 27, 2025
When is korean war veterans day 2026?Monday, July 27, 2026
When is korean war veterans day 2027?Tuesday, July 27, 2027
When is korean war veterans day 2028?Thursday, July 27, 2028
When is korean war veterans day 2029?Friday, July 27, 2029
When is korean war veterans day 2030?Saturday, July 27, 2030
When is korean war veterans day 2031?Sunday, July 27, 2031
When is korean war veterans day 2032?Tuesday, July 27, 2032
When is korean war veterans day 2033?Wednesday, July 27, 2033
When is korean war veterans day 2034?Thursday, July 27, 2034