When is black history month?

black history month is next on Saturday, February 1, 2025

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black history month

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Black History Month is celebrated every year from February 1 to March 1 to honour the legacy and achievements of black Canadians, who throughout history have accomplished so much to make the country a prosperous and compassionate nation as it is today.

Black history month wasn’t always celebrated in Canada, and many people aren’t aware that black people worked as slaves in the area that is now Canada. Years later, people started fighting against the regime and helped set up the foundation of an inclusive and diverse Canadian society.

In the 1950s, the Canadian Negro Women’s Association and other community organizations began celebrating the importance of the black community in Toronto and across the country. Thirty years later, Toronto became the first district to proclaim Black History Month.

How to Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month is about remembering the contributions black people have made in the past and continue to make in various industry sectors and regions across Canada. It is about embracing innovation, resilience, and togetherness towards a united country in which everyone has a chance to prosper.

The best way to celebrate Black History Month is to join organizations and foundations in your community and learn more about the history of black people in Canada and their achievements. Search for #BlackHistoryMonth on social media, and you’ll find plenty of groups to join.

How many days until black history month?

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Upcoming dates for black history month

When is black history month 2024?Thursday, February 1, 2024
When is black history month 2025?Saturday, February 1, 2025
When is black history month 2026?Sunday, February 1, 2026
When is black history month 2027?Monday, February 1, 2027
When is black history month 2028?Tuesday, February 1, 2028
When is black history month 2029?Thursday, February 1, 2029
When is black history month 2030?Friday, February 1, 2030
When is black history month 2031?Saturday, February 1, 2031
When is black history month 2032?Sunday, February 1, 2032
When is black history month 2033?Tuesday, February 1, 2033
When is black history month 2034?Wednesday, February 1, 2034