When is holodomor memorial day?

holodomor memorial day is next on Saturday, November 23, 2024

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holodomor memorial day

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Holodomor Memorial Day is celebrated every year on the 4th Friday of November in Canadian schools and the following day (the 4th Saturday of November) in Canada. This solemn day of remembrance acknowledges the Ukraine-based genocide at the hands of Stalin and his Soviet Regime. Many of the victims of the Holodomor genocide were children.

The Soviet Communist Regime starved millions of Ukrainian citizens between 1932 and 1933. The authorities confiscated food and met any resistance with brutal punishment or death. The regime starved the people in Ukraine for an entire year for no other reason than their wish to remain free, retain their cultural roots, speak their own language, and live on the land they owned.

How To Celebrate Holodomor Memorial Day

This poignant holiday commemorates the lives of all who suffered and died so that Ukraine could win its freedom back in 1991. Light a candle and keep it burning in your window at home to honour those that perished. Participate in a moment of silence at 7:32 p.m. and encourage local churches to toll their bells at the same time.

Remember to share the tragedy of Holodomor on social media to educate others about the travesty of #Holodomor87

How many days until holodomor memorial day?

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Upcoming dates for holodomor memorial day

When is holodomor memorial day 2024?Saturday, November 23, 2024
When is holodomor memorial day 2025?Saturday, November 22, 2025
When is holodomor memorial day 2026?Saturday, November 28, 2026
When is holodomor memorial day 2027?Saturday, November 27, 2027
When is holodomor memorial day 2028?Saturday, November 25, 2028
When is holodomor memorial day 2029?Saturday, November 24, 2029
When is holodomor memorial day 2030?Saturday, November 23, 2030
When is holodomor memorial day 2031?Saturday, November 22, 2031
When is holodomor memorial day 2032?Saturday, November 27, 2032
When is holodomor memorial day 2033?Saturday, November 26, 2033
When is holodomor memorial day 2034?Saturday, November 25, 2034