When is commonwealth day?

commonwealth day is next on Monday, March 10, 2025

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commonwealth day

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Commonwealth Day is celebrated every year on the second Monday of March to honour the Commonwealth of Nations or the union of countries that were part of the British Empire. Previously known as Empire Day, it was first celebrated in May 1989 in Ontario by the creator Clementina Trenholme, a famous Canadian author.

The date doesn’t have any previous connotations, and the government has chosen it because it didn’t interfere with other national holidays. During the day, the Royal Union Flag is flown through schools, government buildings, and other establishments to salute the occasion.

In Canada, Commonwealth Day is not a public holiday. Every organization in the country is open as usual, and businesses and stores stick to their regular schedules.

How to Celebrate Commonwealth Day

One of the best ways to celebrate Commonwealth Day is to learn more about the history of Canada and how Great Britain ran an empire, including the area where now Canada is. Besides Canada, other nations that celebrate this day are the United Kingdom and many Caribbean countries.

You can also attend a parade or street party in your city and join groups on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms) using the hashtag #CommonwealthDay to give support and raise awareness.

How many days until commonwealth day?

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Upcoming dates for commonwealth day

When is commonwealth day 2024?Monday, March 11, 2024
When is commonwealth day 2025?Monday, March 10, 2025
When is commonwealth day 2026?Monday, March 9, 2026
When is commonwealth day 2027?Monday, March 8, 2027
When is commonwealth day 2028?Monday, March 13, 2028
When is commonwealth day 2029?Monday, March 12, 2029
When is commonwealth day 2030?Monday, March 11, 2030
When is commonwealth day 2031?Monday, March 10, 2031
When is commonwealth day 2032?Monday, March 8, 2032
When is commonwealth day 2033?Monday, March 14, 2033
When is commonwealth day 2034?Monday, March 13, 2034