When is good friday?

good friday is next on Friday, March 29, 2024

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good friday

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Good Friday is celebrated every year two days before Easter Sunday to honor the crucifixion of Jesus. It is a national holiday celebrated in almost all Christian countries, usually with closed schools and government offices.

Churches across the world organize services in the afternoon to commemorate the time when Jesus was hung on the cross and express their gratitude by praying and fasting for three days. Christians don’t eat meat, and those who respect the tradition eat food in hot cross buns.

Many people choose to eat fish instead of chicken or pork because it comes from the sea and is a different type of flesh. Besides, fish shapes were secret signs by which Christians worldwide would identify each other during times when the religion wasn’t approved.

How to Celebrate Good Friday

You can celebrate Good Friday in many ways, such as organizing a dinner with your family to eat fasting food. Most families choose to prepare fish, eggplant, and lobster rolls.

After dinner, you can gather around in the living room and watch old movies to learn more about the crucifixion of Jesus and the meaning behind it.

If possible, visit the local church to participate in one of the services. Eat, pray, and enjoy #GoodFriday with your closest family and friends.

How many days until good friday?

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Upcoming dates for good friday

When is good friday 2024?Friday, March 29, 2024
When is good friday 2025?Friday, April 18, 2025
When is good friday 2026?Friday, April 3, 2026
When is good friday 2027?Friday, March 26, 2027
When is good friday 2028?Friday, April 14, 2028
When is good friday 2029?Friday, March 30, 2029
When is good friday 2030?Friday, April 19, 2030
When is good friday 2031?Friday, April 11, 2031
When is good friday 2032?Friday, March 26, 2032
When is good friday 2033?Friday, April 15, 2033
When is good friday 2034?Friday, April 7, 2034