When is canadian environment week?

canadian environment week is next on Thursday, June 5, 2025

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canadian environment week

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Canadian Environment Week occurs each year during the week of June 5. It is meant to refocus Canadians' attention on nature conservation, preservation of natural resources, and climate change. This holiday is a way for Canadian citizens to come together and celebrate protecting their beautiful natural environment. During this holiday week, various campaigns raise awareness for biodiversity, environment protection, and watching wild spaces. These holiday activities also include campaigns to promote recycling, sustainable energy, and environmentally friendly products.

Organizers of these events hope to motivate Canadian citizens to participate in conservation-focused actions such as cleaning up their neighbourhoods or investing in renewable energy. This holiday week also emphasizes the need for citizens to be aware of minimizing their carbon footprint through recycling, repurposing, and reusing products. More actions citizens participate in for the Canadian Environment Week holiday are ridesharing, biking to work, or telecommuting.

How to Celebrate Canadian Environment Week

For Canadian citizens, celebrating the national environment week includes:

● Learning about the conservation of the natural environment
● Participating in community gatherings to clean or restore public outdoor spaces
● Protecting vulnerable biodiversity due to human encroachment

Other means of celebrating this holiday week include hiking through nature, volunteering at an animal sanctuary, or supporting a botanical garden. However you can, the government encourages its citizens to support #CanadianEnvironmentWeek.

How many days until canadian environment week?

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Upcoming dates for canadian environment week

When is canadian environment week 2024?Wednesday, June 5, 2024
When is canadian environment week 2025?Thursday, June 5, 2025
When is canadian environment week 2026?Friday, June 5, 2026
When is canadian environment week 2027?Saturday, June 5, 2027
When is canadian environment week 2028?Monday, June 5, 2028
When is canadian environment week 2029?Tuesday, June 5, 2029
When is canadian environment week 2030?Wednesday, June 5, 2030
When is canadian environment week 2031?Thursday, June 5, 2031
When is canadian environment week 2032?Saturday, June 5, 2032
When is canadian environment week 2033?Sunday, June 5, 2033
When is canadian environment week 2034?Monday, June 5, 2034