When is International literacy day?

International literacy day is next on Sunday, September 8, 2024

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International Literacy Day is celebrated on September 8 each year. The day is set aside to raise awareness of the current literacy problems within local and global communities. Though the country has made a lot of progress in improving literacy rates since the first International Literacy Day in 1966, illiteracy remains a problem. The day allows everyone to contribute to wiping out illiteracy not just in Canada but globally.

The celebrations were first conceived during the World Conference of Ministers of Education on the Eradication of Illiteracy held in 1965 in Iran. A year later, UNESCO declared September 8 International Literacy Day, stating that the day’s purpose is to remind the international community how vital literacy is for communities and societies. It also stressed the need for intensified efforts towards achieving more literate societies.

How to Celebrate International Literacy Day

On the day, individuals and organizations use their literacy to assist and encourage those facing challenges in reading and writing. For instance, you could volunteer to tutor children in your community. Another way you could celebrate the day is by donating books to local libraries and classrooms or gifting a book to your friends, family, and co-workers. Help people discover the power of reading and writing this #InternationalLiteracyDay.

How many days until International literacy day?

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Upcoming dates for int literacy day

When is int literacy day 2024?Sunday, September 8, 2024
When is int literacy day 2025?Monday, September 8, 2025
When is int literacy day 2026?Tuesday, September 8, 2026
When is int literacy day 2027?Wednesday, September 8, 2027
When is int literacy day 2028?Friday, September 8, 2028
When is int literacy day 2029?Saturday, September 8, 2029
When is int literacy day 2030?Sunday, September 8, 2030
When is int literacy day 2031?Monday, September 8, 2031
When is int literacy day 2032?Wednesday, September 8, 2032
When is int literacy day 2033?Thursday, September 8, 2033
When is int literacy day 2034?Friday, September 8, 2034