When is national fiddling day?

national fiddling day is next on Saturday, May 17, 2025

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national fiddling day

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National Fiddling Day, also known as World Fiddle Day, is celebrated annually on the third Saturday in May. While only recently established as a holiday in 2012, it has already achieved international recognition and popularity. This music celebration day specifically honours the small, bow-stringed instrument used in various musical genres.

Do you know much about the fiddle? Like a violin, it is played with a bow. Most commonly associated with the European folk genre, the fiddle also found a use in classical music. The earliest version of the fiddle comes from the Middle Ages and is still a widely practised instrument today! National Fiddling Day was founded by a professional Irish fiddler named Caoimhin Mac Aoidh to honour the anniversary of the death of Antonio Stradivari, an expert craftsman who made some of the finest fiddles, violins, and cellos ever seen.

How To Celebrate National Fiddling Day

How do you celebrate? That’s easy! If you have a fiddle or another stringed instrument, take it out and play! If you don’t already know how to play a fiddle, perhaps you can start learning on this day. If you practice hard, maybe you’ll be ready to perform for friends or family on World Fiddle Day next year. Go ahead and share your fiddling skills by using #NationalFiddlingDay!

How many days until national fiddling day?

If you want to know how many more days, then here is your countdown to national fiddling day

Upcoming dates for national fiddling day

When is national fiddling day 2024?Saturday, May 18, 2024
When is national fiddling day 2025?Saturday, May 17, 2025
When is national fiddling day 2026?Saturday, May 16, 2026
When is national fiddling day 2027?Saturday, May 15, 2027
When is national fiddling day 2028?Saturday, May 20, 2028
When is national fiddling day 2029?Saturday, May 19, 2029
When is national fiddling day 2030?Saturday, May 18, 2030
When is national fiddling day 2031?Saturday, May 17, 2031
When is national fiddling day 2032?Saturday, May 15, 2032
When is national fiddling day 2033?Saturday, May 21, 2033
When is national fiddling day 2034?Saturday, May 20, 2034