When is national seniors day?

national seniors day is next on Tuesday, October 1, 2024

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national seniors day

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National Seniors Day is celebrated on the 1st of October each year throughout Canada. If you have an elderly person in your life, the day provides you with the perfect occasion to appreciate and celebrate them, with people throughout the country taking this opportunity to let senior citizens know how much they love them.

Since the first National Seniors Day in 2011, Canadians have used this day to acknowledge the life-long contributions senior citizens have and continue to make to families and communities, celebrating the many senior citizens that continue to have a substantial impact on the Canadian workforce. The day also provides an excellent opportunity to raise awareness and contribute to conversations about healthy ageing.

How to Celebrate National Seniors Day

There are many ways to mark National Seniors Day and show your gratitude to senior citizens. You could buy them a gift of appreciation or visit them and spend the day with them, taking walks, cooking and sharing a meal, or by listening to stories of their accomplishments. Others choose to treat their elderly friends and family members to a day out, doing their favourite activities. Those who don’t personally know a senior citizen can even volunteer in active communities. Show your appreciation to the country’s elderly this #NationalSeniorsDay.

How many days until national seniors day?

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Upcoming dates for national seniors day

When is national seniors day 2024?Tuesday, October 1, 2024
When is national seniors day 2025?Wednesday, October 1, 2025
When is national seniors day 2026?Thursday, October 1, 2026
When is national seniors day 2027?Friday, October 1, 2027
When is national seniors day 2028?Sunday, October 1, 2028
When is national seniors day 2029?Monday, October 1, 2029
When is national seniors day 2030?Tuesday, October 1, 2030
When is national seniors day 2031?Wednesday, October 1, 2031
When is national seniors day 2032?Friday, October 1, 2032
When is national seniors day 2033?Saturday, October 1, 2033
When is national seniors day 2034?Sunday, October 1, 2034