When is workers mourning day?

workers mourning day is next on Monday, April 28, 2025

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workers mourning day

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Workers’ Mourning Day or the National Day of Mourning occurs on April 28 each year in Canada. This day serves to commemorate workers who lost their lives, suffered an injury, or became sick due to their occupation or a work-related incident. This day is also meant to spread awareness about workplace dangers and advocate for better workers’ rights and protections.

Recognition of this day officially began on April 28, 1991, when Canada passed the Workers Mourning Day Act. It has since gained popularity around the globe, and over 100 countries now observe the holiday. Workers’ Mourning Day is not the only day when we should think about workplace hazards and how to prevent them. All citizens need to vote for politicians who support legislation that enforces safe workplace practices.

How To Celebrate Workers’ Mourning Day

On this day, the Canadian flag flies at half-mast. This sign of respect honours those workers who have tragically passed away. People around the country observe a moment of silence and wear commemorative pins or black bands on their arms. Plenty of ceremonies happen all over Canada, so you can find one in your community and take part. You can share your message and spread the word by using #WorkersMourningDay

How many days until workers mourning day?

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Upcoming dates for workers mourning day

When is workers mourning day 2024?Sunday, April 28, 2024
When is workers mourning day 2025?Monday, April 28, 2025
When is workers mourning day 2026?Tuesday, April 28, 2026
When is workers mourning day 2027?Wednesday, April 28, 2027
When is workers mourning day 2028?Friday, April 28, 2028
When is workers mourning day 2029?Saturday, April 28, 2029
When is workers mourning day 2030?Sunday, April 28, 2030
When is workers mourning day 2031?Monday, April 28, 2031
When is workers mourning day 2032?Wednesday, April 28, 2032
When is workers mourning day 2033?Thursday, April 28, 2033
When is workers mourning day 2034?Friday, April 28, 2034