When is national day of prayer?

national day of prayer is next on Thursday, May 1, 2025

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national day of prayer

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National Day of Prayer is observed on the first Thursday of May each year to call on all Americans, regardless of their faith, to pray for the country, its leaders, and more. For many, prayer is a crucial part of daily life. It nurtures our faith and relationships by offering a rich connection to our spiritual lives. Prayer also provides comfort in times of need or crisis. On this day, Americans of many different faiths join in prayer. While some attend the churches, mosques, synagogues, or temples for prayer, others choose to meditate, join prayer groups, or attend interdenominational prayer meetings.

National Prayer Day as we know it today was the result of an effort between President Harry S. Truman and the United States Congress in 1952. President Truman signed the holiday into law, and every US president since has signed a proclamation that encourages Americans to pray for their country on this day. The day reminds us to seek God’s guidance when making critical decisions in the country and for ourselves.

How to Celebrate National Day of Prayer

Since the day is designated for prayer, the best way to celebrate it is to do just that. Ask family and friends to join you in prayer. Regardless of your religion, there is likely a local house of faith for which you can volunteer or to which you can donate money. Alternatively, you can spend the day researching some interesting facts about your faith’s history. Encourage others to celebrate the day and share on social media using #NationalDayOfPrayer.

How many days until national day of prayer?

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Upcoming dates for national day of prayer

When is national day of prayer 2024?Thursday, May 2, 2024
When is national day of prayer 2025?Thursday, May 1, 2025
When is national day of prayer 2026?Thursday, May 7, 2026
When is national day of prayer 2027?Thursday, May 6, 2027
When is national day of prayer 2028?Thursday, May 4, 2028
When is national day of prayer 2029?Thursday, May 3, 2029
When is national day of prayer 2030?Thursday, May 2, 2030
When is national day of prayer 2031?Thursday, May 1, 2031
When is national day of prayer 2032?Thursday, May 6, 2032
When is national day of prayer 2033?Thursday, May 5, 2033
When is national day of prayer 2034?Thursday, May 4, 2034