When is law day?

law day is next on Thursday, May 1, 2025

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law day

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Law Day is held on May 1st annually to celebrate the rule of law. The day gives us an opportunity to understand the role of the law and the legal process in protecting our liberty, fighting for justice, and contributing to the freedoms all Americans share. The day also aims to cultivate respect for the rule of law, which is crucial to living in a democracy.

In 1957, Charles S. Rhyne, the American Bar Association president, envisioned a special day to celebrate our legal system. The following year, President Dwight D. Eisenhower issued a proclamation that established Law Day. In 1961, Congress designated by joint resolution May 1st as the official date for celebrating Law Day. Since then, every sitting president has been requested to issue a proclamation requiring all government buildings to display the national flag and invite citizens of the US to observe Law Day with ceremonies and in other appropriate ways.

How to Celebrate Law Day

The American Bar Association organizes events for local citizens and students. You can participate in webinars, scholarship fundraisers, essay writing contests, award presentations, theater productions, and more. Challenge yourself to learn more about how specific laws apply to you. Research and learn how laws are made. Explore upcoming bills and expand your awareness of the justice system and how it works. Law Day is also the perfect day to spread the message of the rule of law and its crucial role in society with your friends and family. As you celebrate this day, spread the word on social media using #LawDay.

How many days until law day?

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Upcoming dates for law day

When is law day 2024?Wednesday, May 1, 2024
When is law day 2025?Thursday, May 1, 2025
When is law day 2026?Friday, May 1, 2026
When is law day 2027?Saturday, May 1, 2027
When is law day 2028?Monday, May 1, 2028
When is law day 2029?Tuesday, May 1, 2029
When is law day 2030?Wednesday, May 1, 2030
When is law day 2031?Thursday, May 1, 2031
When is law day 2032?Saturday, May 1, 2032
When is law day 2033?Sunday, May 1, 2033
When is law day 2034?Monday, May 1, 2034