When is emergency number day?

emergency number day is next on Wednesday, September 11, 2024

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emergency number day

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Emergency Number Day is celebrated every year on September 11 because the U.S. emergency telephone digits are 911. President Ronald Reagan proclaimed this national day more than 30 years ago, in 1987.

The United Kingdom was one of the first countries to develop three-digit emergency telephone numbers in late 1937. A few years later, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and AT&T created emergency telephone numbers to increase safety among American citizens. They picked the combination 9-1-1 because it was easy to remember. Soon after, the U. S. Congress supported 911 as the official emergency number, and it passed legislation making 911 the exclusive number for emergencies.

Calling this number provides quick access to police, firefighters, and ambulance services. If there is an emergency in your home, workplace, or neighborhood, you can dial 911 to have someone help you.

How to Celebrate Emergency Number Day

When calling 911 to report a break-in, violence, fire, or medical emergency, staying calm and sharing relevant information is essential. The best way to celebrate this day is to talk to your children and close friends about the importance of 911 and how a quick action can save someone's life.

Explain to them that it is vital for the caller to state a location and what emergency service they need. Most emergency agencies respond quickly, within 20-60 seconds. It is crucial to share awareness and make sure everyone you know understands the significance of #EmergencyNumberDay.

How many days until emergency number day?

If you want to know how many more days, then here is your countdown to emergency number day

Upcoming dates for emergency number day

When is emergency number day 2024?Wednesday, September 11, 2024
When is emergency number day 2025?Thursday, September 11, 2025
When is emergency number day 2026?Friday, September 11, 2026
When is emergency number day 2027?Saturday, September 11, 2027
When is emergency number day 2028?Monday, September 11, 2028
When is emergency number day 2029?Tuesday, September 11, 2029
When is emergency number day 2030?Wednesday, September 11, 2030
When is emergency number day 2031?Thursday, September 11, 2031
When is emergency number day 2032?Saturday, September 11, 2032
When is emergency number day 2033?Sunday, September 11, 2033
When is emergency number day 2034?Monday, September 11, 2034