When is greek independence day?

greek independence day is next on Monday, March 25, 2024

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greek independence day

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Greek Independence Day is celebrated on March 25 each year. It commemorates the beginning of the War of Greek Independence and their fight against the Ottoman Empire, an empire that occupied Greece for over 400 years.

In 1814, Greek rebels and freedom fighters formed a secret society called the Filiki Eteria or Friendly Society. The society’s goal was to liberate Greece by overthrowing the Ottoman Empire, giving the Greek people the freedom they’d wanted for four centuries. The freedom fighters found early success and even captured Athens, the capital of Greece, in June 1822. However, inner conflict plagued the Filiki Eteria, weakening their forces and the movement itself. As the Filiki Eteria’s infighting continued, the Ottoman Empire began regaining control of the country. It appeared that the revolution was on a crash course for disaster until France, Great Britain, and Russia came to the aid of the Greek freedom fighters. With the help of their allies, the Filiki Eteria successfully overthrew the Ottoman Empire with the Treaty of Edirne, giving Greece their independence.

How To Celebrate Greek Independence Day

Many Greek communities hold special events and parades honoring the brave freedom fighters that fought so hard for Greek independence. They celebrate by eating traditional Greek dishes like bakaliaros (Greek fried cod) and skordalia (a dip consisting of garlic and potatoes). Some Greeks attend church and memorial services to remember the fallen Filiki Eteria soldiers that sacrificed their lives for Greek independence. Make sure you pay your respects to Greece and the Filiki Eteria this March 25 for #GreekIndependenceDay.

How many days until greek independence day?

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Upcoming dates for greek independence day

When is greek independence day 2024?Monday, March 25, 2024
When is greek independence day 2025?Tuesday, March 25, 2025
When is greek independence day 2026?Wednesday, March 25, 2026
When is greek independence day 2027?Thursday, March 25, 2027
When is greek independence day 2028?Saturday, March 25, 2028
When is greek independence day 2029?Sunday, March 25, 2029
When is greek independence day 2030?Monday, March 25, 2030
When is greek independence day 2031?Tuesday, March 25, 2031
When is greek independence day 2032?Thursday, March 25, 2032
When is greek independence day 2033?Friday, March 25, 2033
When is greek independence day 2034?Saturday, March 25, 2034