When is gold star mothers day?

gold star mothers day is next on Sunday, September 29, 2024

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gold star mothers day

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Gold Star Mothers Day is celebrated every year on the last Sunday in September to honor the brave mothers who have lost a child in the service of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Gold Star symbolizes a daughter or son who has lost a life in war, and a Blue Star symbolizes those who are still serving our country. You may notice hundreds of thousands of households across the country waving flags with gold stars that represent gratitude and sorrow to women and men serving in uniform.

The representation of the gold and blue stars dates from World War I. During this period, families started displaying stars to commemorate a loved one serving the country, and many have had more than one star. Soon, more and more families adopted the tradition to signify their children's courage and support one another. Today, the term “Gold Star Mother” became a significant part of the English vocabulary.

How to Celebrate Gold Star Mothers Day

The American people honor Gold Star mothers through non-profit organizations, ceremonies, and events. The purpose behind these luncheons and organizations is to give back to the community and show mothers they aren't alone and that many people appreciate the actions of their children. The events usually take place at veteran's cemeteries or memorial sites.

You can celebrate this day by visiting one of these ceremonies or plan one in your city or community. You may also increase awareness by creating social media pages and inviting as many people as possible to support the families. Ask everyone who joins to share a photo or a location from the event with the hashtag #GoldStarMothersDay.

How many days until gold star mothers day?

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Upcoming dates for gold star mothers day

When is gold star mothers day 2023?Sunday, September 24, 2023
When is gold star mothers day 2024?Sunday, September 29, 2024
When is gold star mothers day 2025?Sunday, September 28, 2025
When is gold star mothers day 2026?Sunday, September 27, 2026
When is gold star mothers day 2027?Sunday, September 26, 2027
When is gold star mothers day 2028?Sunday, September 24, 2028
When is gold star mothers day 2029?Sunday, September 30, 2029
When is gold star mothers day 2030?Sunday, September 29, 2030
When is gold star mothers day 2031?Sunday, September 28, 2031
When is gold star mothers day 2032?Sunday, September 26, 2032
When is gold star mothers day 2033?Sunday, September 25, 2033