When is national philanthropy day?

national philanthropy day is next on Friday, November 15, 2024

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national philanthropy day

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National Philanthropy Day, celebrated every November 15th, is the perfect time for people across America to come together in showing their commitment to the wellbeing of their communities, from picking up trash to volunteering at a soup kitchen. This day's importance goes beyond just donating money or clothes; it takes doing something personal like holding open a door for the next person or helping someone carry groceries. You never know how much your act of kindness can affect someone’s life. This makes giving back even more worth celebrating!

Douglas Freedman first thought up the concept of National Philanthropy Day in the 1980s, and President Ronald Reagan proclaimed it a national holiday on November 15th, 1986. Since then, people across America and the world have celebrated this day with events recognizing the achievements of volunteers and donors who give their time or money to their communities.

How to Celebrate National Philanthropy Day

You can start by donating time or money to your favorite cause on National Philanthropy Day. Support an organization or community-based group that consistently gives back or learn ways to volunteer in your community today. Remember to help all those who need help on this day, whether you know them or not. That is the true meaning of philanthropy, giving without strings attached. You can also educate yourself on the history of philanthropy in America and share how philanthropy has impacted you and others. Don’t forget to spread awareness of this day on social media with the hashtags #PhilanthropyDay and #NationalPhilanthropyDay.

How many days until national philanthropy day?

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Upcoming dates for national philanthropy day

When is national philanthropy day 2024?Friday, November 15, 2024
When is national philanthropy day 2025?Saturday, November 15, 2025
When is national philanthropy day 2026?Sunday, November 15, 2026
When is national philanthropy day 2027?Monday, November 15, 2027
When is national philanthropy day 2028?Wednesday, November 15, 2028
When is national philanthropy day 2029?Thursday, November 15, 2029
When is national philanthropy day 2030?Friday, November 15, 2030
When is national philanthropy day 2031?Saturday, November 15, 2031
When is national philanthropy day 2032?Monday, November 15, 2032
When is national philanthropy day 2033?Tuesday, November 15, 2033
When is national philanthropy day 2034?Wednesday, November 15, 2034