When is white cane safety day?

white cane safety day is next on Tuesday, October 15, 2024

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white cane safety day

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White Cane Safety Day is observed every year on October 15th. President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed the day after many visually impaired people were injured in road traffic accidents. In honor of these individuals without sight, White Cane Safety Day has become a national day to raise awareness all across America.

A white cane is a vital mobility tool for visually impaired people and symbolizes their independence. White canes have been around since the early 20th century. They are white to be more visible to others and signal that the persons carrying them are visually impaired. This day is a way of celebrating how far we've come in giving these individuals equal opportunity when it comes to walking independently. It’s also a great time to learn more about blindness and other disabilities.

How to Celebrate White Cane Safety Day

National White Cane Safety Day is an opportunity for all of us to show how much we care about the visually impaired. It's as simple as making sure you stop at least five feet away when a white cane holder or person being led by a guide dog crosses your path. If you notice someone with a white cane struggling to safely navigate a street or sidewalk, you could offer them assistance, but be aware that many visually are more independent than you might assume. You could also volunteer at a school, orphanage, or nursing home for the visually impaired. Don’t forget to post on social media to bring awareness about the day with the hashtag #NationalWhiteCaneSafetyDay.

How many days until white cane safety day?

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Upcoming dates for white cane safety day

When is white cane safety day 2024?Tuesday, October 15, 2024
When is white cane safety day 2025?Wednesday, October 15, 2025
When is white cane safety day 2026?Thursday, October 15, 2026
When is white cane safety day 2027?Friday, October 15, 2027
When is white cane safety day 2028?Sunday, October 15, 2028
When is white cane safety day 2029?Monday, October 15, 2029
When is white cane safety day 2030?Tuesday, October 15, 2030
When is white cane safety day 2031?Wednesday, October 15, 2031
When is white cane safety day 2032?Friday, October 15, 2032
When is white cane safety day 2033?Saturday, October 15, 2033
When is white cane safety day 2034?Sunday, October 15, 2034