When is pan american day?

pan american day is next on Monday, April 14, 2025

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pan american day

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Pan American Day is observed on the 14th of April to commemorate the establishment of the International Union of American Republics, today known as the Organization of American States (OAS). The union was formed at the first International Conference of American States on April 14, 1890. First held in Washington, D.C., the conference covered a broad array of subjects, from baking and currency to trade and military matters.

By the end of the 19th century, most of the nations of the Americas were free from colonial rule. Inspired by the idea of a Pan-America, Secretary of State James G. Blaine conceived of an international conference for the western hemisphere. He raised issues of cooperation between the Americas for mutual benefit. Almost a decade later, the conference began in October of 1889 through April 1890. The International Union of American Republics designated the 14th of April as Pan American Day, and member countries first observed it the following year. Today, all 35 independent states of the Americas are members of the OAS.

How to Celebrate Pan American Day

In addition to celebrating the different ways of cooperating across the Americas, this is a day to learn more about various cultures and share your knowledge. Pick a country in the Western Hemisphere and figure out more about its weather, history, climate, food, and heritage. Discover how trade and commerce between different countries work and how they have changed over time. Share your discoveries and spread the word on social media using #PanAmericanDay.

How many days until pan american day?

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When is pan american day 2024?Sunday, April 14, 2024
When is pan american day 2025?Monday, April 14, 2025
When is pan american day 2026?Tuesday, April 14, 2026
When is pan american day 2027?Wednesday, April 14, 2027
When is pan american day 2028?Friday, April 14, 2028
When is pan american day 2029?Saturday, April 14, 2029
When is pan american day 2030?Sunday, April 14, 2030
When is pan american day 2031?Monday, April 14, 2031
When is pan american day 2032?Wednesday, April 14, 2032
When is pan american day 2033?Thursday, April 14, 2033
When is pan american day 2034?Friday, April 14, 2034