When is loyalty day?

loyalty day is next on Thursday, May 1, 2025

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loyalty day

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Loyalty Day is celebrated on May 1st of every year by Americans to foster love and loyalty for their country and recognize their heritage of American freedom. The first national Loyalty Day was observed in 1921 as Americanization Day. The motive of this day was to counter the May Day being celebrated by communists globally at the time, when the US was struggling with far-left extremism.

In 1955, Congress recognized that the country was facing a substantial threat with the rise of communism. Congress felt the need to honor the country and remind its citizens of their American heritage to spark a sense of patriotism. President Dwight D. Eisenhower made the day an official holiday on July 18, 1958, and declared its first observance on May 1st of the following year. The president found it crucial to observe a day to look back on the country’s history and appreciate the value of freedom. Since then, every other US President has recognized the day with an official proclamation.

How to Celebrate Loyalty Day

Every year, Americans hold a parade to celebrate Loyalty Day. You can participate in person or watch it on TV or online with your family and friends. Organize an event to celebrate the day. You could also spend the day learning more about your American heritage. Attend memorial ceremonies and veteran events. Learn more about local, state, and national issues. Show your loyalty to American freedom and spread the word about patriotism. Don’t forget to share on social media using #LoyaltyDay.

How many days until loyalty day?

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Upcoming dates for loyalty day

When is loyalty day 2024?Wednesday, May 1, 2024
When is loyalty day 2025?Thursday, May 1, 2025
When is loyalty day 2026?Friday, May 1, 2026
When is loyalty day 2027?Saturday, May 1, 2027
When is loyalty day 2028?Monday, May 1, 2028
When is loyalty day 2029?Tuesday, May 1, 2029
When is loyalty day 2030?Wednesday, May 1, 2030
When is loyalty day 2031?Thursday, May 1, 2031
When is loyalty day 2032?Saturday, May 1, 2032
When is loyalty day 2033?Sunday, May 1, 2033
When is loyalty day 2034?Monday, May 1, 2034