When is leif erikson day?

leif erikson day is next on Wednesday, October 9, 2024

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leif erikson day

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Leif Erikson Day is celebrated by Nordic communities around the world on October 9. This day honors the explorer credited with bringing Scandinavian people to America around 1000 CE. Norse Icelandic explorer Leif Erikson was born in 970 CE. He was the son of Erik the Red, who founded Greenland’s first settlements in 980 CE. Historians believe Leif Erikson is the first recorded Nordic person to have visited the continent of North America, visiting places such as Labrador and Baffin Island.

The United States adopted this holiday in the 20th century. Many presidents have proclaimed the day to celebrate Nordic culture and the spirit of adventure and discovery. However, Leif Erikson Day does not celebrate the man himself but the first organized immigration of Norwegian people to the United States, which took place on October 9, 1825. People commemorate this momentous occasion with festivities in New York City and Stavanger alike for its significance as a historic event and a day of Norwegian national pride.

How to Celebrate Leif Erikson Day

Visit the Vesterheim Museum in Iowa to see Norwegian cultural items from all over Norway. If you don’t live near Iowa, you could go on a culinary adventure yourself and try out traditional Norwegian foods such as cured salmon (gravlax), Jarlsberg cheese, Norwegian meatballs, and ebelkaker pancakes. Or gather around the TV and watch famous Norwegian movies like Fools in the Mountains (1953), Kon-Tiki (1950), or The Last King (2016) for a complete experience of Norwegian culture. Don’t forget to post about your experiences of the day on social media with the hashtag #LeifEriksonDay.

How many days until leif erikson day?

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Upcoming dates for leif erikson day

When is leif erikson day 2024?Wednesday, October 9, 2024
When is leif erikson day 2025?Thursday, October 9, 2025
When is leif erikson day 2026?Friday, October 9, 2026
When is leif erikson day 2027?Saturday, October 9, 2027
When is leif erikson day 2028?Monday, October 9, 2028
When is leif erikson day 2029?Tuesday, October 9, 2029
When is leif erikson day 2030?Wednesday, October 9, 2030
When is leif erikson day 2031?Thursday, October 9, 2031
When is leif erikson day 2032?Saturday, October 9, 2032
When is leif erikson day 2033?Sunday, October 9, 2033
When is leif erikson day 2034?Monday, October 9, 2034