When is german american day?

german american day is next on Sunday, October 6, 2024

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german american day

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German American Day, celebrated every October 6, honors the long heritage of German Americans and how they have contributed to making this great country into the great diverse cultural melting pot it is today. On October 6, 1683, the first Mennonite families arrived from Krefeld, Germany, and established Germantown in Pennsylvania as their home.

Since then, German culture has enriched the lives of many in America. Their many cultural and culinary contributions include hot dogs and pretzels that are a part of every sports game and state fair. Germans also brought us kindergartens, which we all know are essential for children's learning and development. German Americans were the first to introduce physical education, vocational education, and gymnasiums into public schools. Because of them, we have a more holistic system for our students to excel in their academics. Christmas trees are also a German tradition.

How to Celebrate German American Day

Celebrate German American Day by cooking up some sauerkraut, bratwurst, and wiener schnitzel and inviting your friends and family to try them out. Why not learn a few words of Deutsch while you're at it? You could also read famous German literature from the Brothers Grimm, short stories by Anton Chekov, or anything by the great Goethe. This day is a great time to learn about Americans with German heritage and their achievements. Famous examples include Albert Einstein, John von Neumann, William Edward Boeing, Walt Disney, and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Finally, you could pull out all the stops on this special cultural day. Put on an old-fashioned Oktoberfest celebration and dress up in German costume in honor of #GermanAmericanDay.

How many days until german american day?

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Upcoming dates for german american day

When is german american day 2024?Sunday, October 6, 2024
When is german american day 2025?Monday, October 6, 2025
When is german american day 2026?Tuesday, October 6, 2026
When is german american day 2027?Wednesday, October 6, 2027
When is german american day 2028?Friday, October 6, 2028
When is german american day 2029?Saturday, October 6, 2029
When is german american day 2030?Sunday, October 6, 2030
When is german american day 2031?Monday, October 6, 2031
When is german american day 2032?Wednesday, October 6, 2032
When is german american day 2033?Thursday, October 6, 2033
When is german american day 2034?Friday, October 6, 2034