When is malcolm x day?

malcolm x day is next on Sunday, May 19, 2024

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malcolm x day

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Malcolm X Day is celebrated every year on May 19, which is Malcolm X’s birthday, or the third Sunday in May. Born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925, he was an African-American human rights activist and Muslim minister in the Nation of Islam. To his followers, he was a giant voice for African-American rights and had a significant impact on society, although his opposers accused him of preaching black supremacy, racism, and violence. But he accused them of multiple crimes against the African-American people. The first official Malcolm X Day was on May 19, 1971, in Washington, DC, and is an official holiday in California, Georgia, Atlanta, Florida, Oregon, Washington State, and many others.

Malcolm’s pilgrimage to Mecca changed him forever. His ability to inspire with his preaching made him the first preacher of the Nation of Islam. In 1952, they had only 500 members, but by 1963, Malcolm grew their membership level to 30,000. A disagreement with Elijah Mohammad, leader of the Nation of Islam, led to him leaving the organization in 1964. On February 21, 1965, members of the Nation of Islam shot and killed Malcolm X.

How to Celebrate Malcolm X Day

How can you celebrate Malcolm X day? Watch the Oscar-nominated film Malcolm X or other movies like Death of a Prophet, Malcolm’s Echo, and The Hate That Hate Produced. If you like to read, The Autobiography of Malcolm X and By Any Means Necessary – Malcolm X Speeches and Writings – are excellent books to add to your library. Celebrate his life and the significant impact he had on the African-American community on #MalcolmXDay.

How many days until malcolm x day?

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Upcoming dates for malcolm x day

When is malcolm x day 2024?Sunday, May 19, 2024
When is malcolm x day 2025?Monday, May 19, 2025
When is malcolm x day 2026?Tuesday, May 19, 2026
When is malcolm x day 2027?Wednesday, May 19, 2027
When is malcolm x day 2028?Friday, May 19, 2028
When is malcolm x day 2029?Saturday, May 19, 2029
When is malcolm x day 2030?Sunday, May 19, 2030
When is malcolm x day 2031?Monday, May 19, 2031
When is malcolm x day 2032?Wednesday, May 19, 2032
When is malcolm x day 2033?Thursday, May 19, 2033
When is malcolm x day 2034?Friday, May 19, 2034