When is world aids day?

world aids day is next on Friday, December 1, 2023

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world aids day

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World AIDS Day falls on the 1st of December and highlights the impact of this very real epidemic. It's a day for introspection and to raise public awareness. Greater awareness should lead to fewer people falling victim to this dreadful disease. It should also lead to organizations fighting the disease raising more money to continue the fight.

While the implications of AIDs are sad, we also have a lot for which to be grateful. AIDs patients can lead relatively healthy, long lives thanks to our increasing understanding of the disease's course. It is no longer the immediate death sentence that we once thought it to be. Changing attitudes towards the afflicted have also reduced the stigma around contracting AIDs. Princess Diana led the charge here by holding the hands of a patient with AIDs. This showed the world that the disease is not transmissible by touch.

How to Celebrate World AIDs Day

The best way to celebrate is to improve your understanding of the disease. Learn more about its transmission, diagnosis, and prognosis. Find out how to keep yourself and those you love safe by researching the topic or watching a documentary. Don a red ribbon as a symbol for AIDS, and be prepared to answer questions that you may encounter. Post a red ribbon on your social media pages to encourage others to investigate the issue further and see what they can learn. Finally, consider volunteering at a Hospice to comfort someone suffering from the disease on #WorldAIDSDay.

How many days until world aids day?

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Upcoming dates for world aids day

When is world aids day 2023?Friday, December 1, 2023
When is world aids day 2024?Sunday, December 1, 2024
When is world aids day 2025?Monday, December 1, 2025
When is world aids day 2026?Tuesday, December 1, 2026
When is world aids day 2027?Wednesday, December 1, 2027
When is world aids day 2028?Friday, December 1, 2028
When is world aids day 2029?Saturday, December 1, 2029
When is world aids day 2030?Sunday, December 1, 2030
When is world aids day 2031?Monday, December 1, 2031
When is world aids day 2032?Wednesday, December 1, 2032
When is world aids day 2033?Thursday, December 1, 2033