When is military spouse day?

military spouse day is next on Friday, May 9, 2025

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military spouse day

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Military Spouse Day is celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day in honor of the sacrifices and contributions made by military spouses. Also known as Military Spouse Appreciation Day, the holiday recognizes the support and commitment of military spouses in helping keep our country safe. American spouses are the silent heroes who support our troops from mission to deployment and reintegration. In celebration of Military Spouse Day, the US armed forces hold special events and programs to honor, recognize, and inform military spouses around the world. Events typically include educational workshops, spouse appreciation luncheons, employment fairs, and more.

Military Spouse Day was established through a proclamation by President Ronald Reagan and was first observed on May 23, 1984. It was a one-off observance, but Casper Weinberger made it into an annual observance during his tenure as Secretary of State. In 1999, Congress declared May to be National Military Appreciation Month and Military Spouse Day as an integral part of it. To standardize the date of celebration, the Department of Defense subsequently declared the Friday before Mother’s Day as Military Spouse Day.

How to Celebrate Military Spouse Day

Thank a military spouse. You may not have experienced their struggles, but offering a helping hand or a friendly ear when they move to your city can go a long way in making them feel welcome. If you’re in the armed forces, give your military spouse a day off. Offer them a token of appreciation. Recognize the burden military spouses carry and support them whenever you can. Remind others to celebrate the day and post on social media using #MilitarySpouseDay.

How many days until military spouse day?

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Upcoming dates for military spouse day

When is military spouse day 2024?Friday, May 10, 2024
When is military spouse day 2025?Friday, May 9, 2025
When is military spouse day 2026?Friday, May 8, 2026
When is military spouse day 2027?Friday, May 7, 2027
When is military spouse day 2028?Friday, May 12, 2028
When is military spouse day 2029?Friday, May 11, 2029
When is military spouse day 2030?Friday, May 10, 2030
When is military spouse day 2031?Friday, May 9, 2031
When is military spouse day 2032?Friday, May 7, 2032
When is military spouse day 2033?Friday, May 6, 2033
When is military spouse day 2034?Friday, May 12, 2034