When is national maritime day?

national maritime day is next on Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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national maritime day

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National Maritime Day is celebrated on May 22 every year to honor and celebrate the men and women in the Merchant Marines. It also commemorates the American steamship Savannah’s maiden voyage of the first steam-powered transatlantic crossing in 1819, which signifies the launch of the maritime industry in the United States. In 1933, Congress created National Maritime Day to honor the courageous Americans who have served and sacrificed their lives in the pursuit of freedom, allowing us to reflect on the hardships faced forming this nation and the continued efforts in keeping it safe.

The Merchant Marines are the backbone of the Navy, and without them, the Navy would not run as smoothly as it does today. Merchant Marines help transport our armed forces to get them where they need to go. During peacetime, they continue to work as a support system for the military and our overseas importing and exporting shipping industry. They also perform humanitarian efforts to help those in need. This day celebrates all hardworking men and women working on ships and vessels on all bodies of water in the US.

How to Celebrate National Maritime Day

How can you celebrate National Maritime Day? K-12 schools can adopt a ship and see what life is like as a Merchant Marine. There are plenty of maritime museums you can visit all across the US, and if you live in a port city, there will be a memorial service or commemorative event that you can attend. Learn all you can about the Merchant Marines and their sacrifices for our country on #MaritimeDay.

How many days until national maritime day?

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Upcoming dates for national maritime day

When is national maritime day 2023?Monday, May 22, 2023
When is national maritime day 2024?Wednesday, May 22, 2024
When is national maritime day 2025?Thursday, May 22, 2025
When is national maritime day 2026?Friday, May 22, 2026
When is national maritime day 2027?Saturday, May 22, 2027
When is national maritime day 2028?Monday, May 22, 2028
When is national maritime day 2029?Tuesday, May 22, 2029
When is national maritime day 2030?Wednesday, May 22, 2030
When is national maritime day 2031?Thursday, May 22, 2031
When is national maritime day 2032?Saturday, May 22, 2032
When is national maritime day 2033?Sunday, May 22, 2033